Workshop Content - Alice Parker


In her sessions, Alice will discuss how she finds the heart of a song, forming a vision of its possible sound. Then, realizing that vision, she will demonstrate how she presents the song in different situations. Her teaching is based on sound rather than the page, and results in beautiful music emerging from people with ears newly-opened. 

Among the topics to be covered will be Melodic Styles, Improvisation, Text Counterpoint,  Rehearsing, and Performing. Participants will be actively involved, with chances both to lead and to learn from each other. The repertoire of songs will include familiar and unfamiliar folksongs, hymns, and spirituals.  

Participants should be acquainted with Ms. Parker’s books on Melody and Counterpoint, listed below. 

Melodious Accord: Good Singing in Church
The Anatomy of Melody
The Answering Voice

The Melodious Accord Hymnal

Workshop Content - Paul Vasile


In his sessions, Paul will focus on what song leaders communicate without words, attuning participants to their body, voice, and energy. He'll invite the group into exercises and games rooted in the work of Music That Makes Community, and model assessment and reflection practices that invite participants to deeper awareness and listening. 

We'll explore what neuroscience is discovering about music learning, group collaboration, and communication, and distill our learning into core principles and practices that support vibrant communal singing. 

Participants will find the following texts helpful as they prepare for the workshop.

The Singing Neanderthals - Steven Mithen
Mirroring People, the Science of Empathy and How We Connect with OthersMarco Iacoboni
The World in Six Songs, How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature  - Daniel Levitin